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Friday, 16 November 2012

We've gone Off-The-Rail at Aliya Rose!

'Emma', one of the fabulous dresses now
available off-the-rail at Aliya Rose
Over the past few years, we at Aliya Rose have noticed a lot of changes in the  wedding industry.  Delivery times have got longer, and prices have gone higher, but demand from our customers is for faster delivery and dresses at a lower cost, so we’ve decided it’s time to make some changes that let us meet your needs.  More brides than ever before are looking at buying gowns off-the-rail, instead of ordering in.  For the bride, it means peace of mind:
  • You know you have your gown, safe and sound, bought and paid for, with no ever-increasing delivery times or late arrivals to worry about.
  • You know it’s good quality, because you have had the opportunity to try on your actual gown before you buy it.
  • You know it fits (or if it doesn’t!) before you buy, and you know plenty of time in advance what alterations you need.  No need to worry at home while you wait for your dress to arrive in store!
  • You’re not going to end up in the same dress as lots of other brides, because in most cases we will only have one of each gown!
For us, it presents slightly more challenges – we physically can’t have every size and every colour available in every dress in an off the peg range for a start - but there are advantages from our point of view too!  We know you’re happy with your dress when you buy it, and we know we aren’t going to be subject to long delivery delays or quality issue when dresses arrive!

So what can you expect from Aliya Rose over the next wee while?  Well, as of November 17th, all of the gowns on our rails will be available as off-the-peg rather than to-order.  For a limited time, some reorders will be possible on some styles, but this will be phased out.  We will have new stock arriving over the next few weeks too, so you might need to bear with us while that happens!

And what about our prices?  Well, we are working to keep our prices as fabulous as we possibly can, without compromising on quality!  Our gowns are a mixture of sample and brand new dresses, from respected designers, and many of the samples will have a reduction of at least 25%, with some gowns as low as £199!  This of course means you are buying a designer gown at a price much lower than the RRP.

Our Accessory Zone will remain unchanged, and so you’ll still have the pick of our fabulous, UK-designed, and made, veils, jewellery and tiaras, made to your specifications, along with our expert advice of course!

One big change though, is that our bridesmaid range will be discontinued.  Bridesmaid collections have sadly been subject to the same long delivery times and price increases as many of the bridal ranges, and this has an even greater effect, as brides’ budgets and timescales for bridesmaids are so often tighter than for bridal gowns.  We’re very sad to say goodbye to our bridesmaid collection, which we have always taken great pride in, but  we will of course need to make room for our off-the-peg bridal collection, which we expect to expand a little...

The good news is that we’re having a MASSIVE bridesmaid, evening and cocktail gown sale, starting on Friday 23rd November at Midday!  Anyone who has visited us will know how large and diverse our collection is, with styles that are perfect for evening dos, Christmas parties, wedding guests, funky mums, cruises.... and if you only have one bridesmaid, you could be onto a budget saving winner with these one-off, reduced gowns!  Prices will start at just £25, and many dresses will have at least 50% off!

We’ve got lots of ideas too for accessorising your evening or party outfit, so feel free to pop in for a look around at the bargains on the rails and our fabulous sparkly accessories!


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