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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Underwater Wedding Photography. Yes, underwater.

Normally, when the words ‘wedding dress’ and ‘swimming pool’ are mentioned in the same sentence, one would think of those poor unfortunate brides captured for eternity on their wedding video falling into their venue’s swimming pool fully clothed, and then shown on You’ve Been Framed….

But in this case, when the wedding dress and the swimming pool are combined with an extremely skilful photographer and make up artist, a beautiful model, and a WHOLE lot of careful planning, you get one of the most amazing bridal shoots ever.

When we responded to photographer Jonathan Ryan’s request to supply a dress for an underwater wedding shoot, we were really quite excited about the prospect. Here at Aliya Rose we’ve always liked things that are a bit eye-catching or different, so there was something about this idea that really appealed. And even though we weren’t sure if our valuable dress would survive, we reckoned it was worth taking the plunge, as it were. What is life if you can’t take a risk or two?

This incredible photo is only the second one we’ve seen from the shoot. And frankly we cannot WAIT to see the rest (although we’re giving poor Jonathan some time to recover – he was, understandably, pretty exhausted after hours of shooting underwater).

You can find another amazing photograph here http://peoplebyryan.com/photoblog/mermaid

There will be more, but don't hold your breath..... ;)